How To Become a Fearless Entrepreneur

Ray Grimm Jr. – Becoming an entrepreneur became more common than ever after the financial crash of 2008. Yet most of those entrepreneurs are no longer in business. I’ve seen so many ventures fail to get off the ground. It can make you think twice about whether giving up on the 9-5 lifestyle is for you.

Ray Grimm Jr.


The journey is the best part

It’s easy to look at that mountain and shy away from the hard work. I know it intimidated me when I started. But now when I embark on something new, such as the Addicted2Success podcast, I get excited. I’ve learned the journey is the most enjoyable part of the process.

All successful entrepreneurs look back on their respective journeys with a great fondness. Don’t be afraid of the journey embrace it.

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Cherish what drives you

What drives me isn’t money alone. It’s what I can do with that money. For you it might be that big house, that fast car, or that dream vacation to Hawaii. Embrace what drives you. Use that to get you through the hard times.

I recommend putting it right in front of your face. Take a picture of the result and put it somewhere in your office where you can see it.

You’re never rich enough to afford idle time

“I don’t have the time.” I hear this excuse regularly but, sorry, but I don’t care if you have a 9-5 job and two kids. Use the spare hour you get when the kids are in bed to learn something new. It’s not a race. You don’t have to dedicate your life to your new venture but if you only have an hour, use that hour.

Adapt or perish

According to Ray Grimm Jr., entrepreneurship is competition on a landscape that is always changing. You must either adapt or die. It’s that simple. Constantly monitor your competitors and your market. Enjoy your success without ever becoming complacent.

Always be on your toes.

Mistakes are tuition

ray grimm jr. _mistakes

It’s quite simple. You will make mistakes. I have, and some were incredibly expensive. Don’t go out of your way to make mistakes but learn from every one you do make. Set aside some time to reflect on why you made that mistake and what you can do to make sure you don’t make that same mistake again.

Starting is the hardest part

Don’t abandon your dream because of excuses and passing difficulties. Insteading of procrastinating because you’re worried how long it will take, just get started. Do what you can today to bring your dream that much closer to fruition. Trust me, it will be the best decision you ever make.

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Why Customer Experience Is Your Key to Success?

Do you know the best possible way to prosper your business? Obviously, it’s not business products or services! It’s your customer experience. Your customers need to agree with your business.

According to a McKinsey study, 70% of buying experiences depending on how the customer feels they’re being treated.

Ray Grimm Jr.

Customer Experience

Customers expect amazing customer experiences, but often left disappointed. Your customer experience incorporates every time your potential customers interact with your brand. This incorporates browsing your website, visiting your store, and interacting with your staff.

An Accenture survey concluded that nearly 23% of companies were able to deliver great customer experiences. Rest 77% simply failed to deliver.

Customer experience is something several companies pay lip service to, but eventually, fail to deliver. Bands who have integrated additional efforts into customer experience always go a long way and reach the pinnacle. Ray Grimm Jr. shared some examples Amazon, Microsoft and Apple. These companies put their customer service above everything else.

Importance of Customer Experience

Your way of your potential customer impacts a lot. It defines you. On the basis of your customer experience, your customer determines your brand and take a decision. Customer experience is the key to your success. Ray Grimm Jr. highlighted some reasons, why:

Stand out from Your Competition

It’s hard to thrive in a competitive market. Whereas, if your industry is crowded, it means that demand exists and your market is viable. On the other hand, if you incorporate a few competitors that could well be a bad omen. Having lots of competitors brings its own challenges.

So how you can stand out? You could compete on price, but that only leads to a race to the bottom. Instead, you could compete on customer service. However, this is the new competitive arena for brands. Even if you can’t stand out with your products and services, you can create a customer experience that will make you shine. It sets you apart, something only you`re offering, something your competitors can’t easily replicate.

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Satisfied Customers Are Willing to Pay More

Targeting customer experience doesn’t mean following the latest trend. It’s a smart business technique. Making a remarkable customer interaction not only make them choose your brand over others, but also they’ll be willing to pay more for the experience.

Otherwise, if you’re worried about alienating your more price-conscious customers, you can make it possible by offering different tiers of service, with higher tiers offering more premium experiences such as personal care and support, and exclusive access to certain features.

Retain Customers than Acquire New Ones

If you follow common business process, then you must be like spending a significant chunk of your budget and time to attract prospective customers, nurturing them until they become leads. Finally closing them to win the sale. It’s a long and expensive process.

On the other hand, spend little to no money on customer retention. Ray Grimm Jr. advised offering great customer experiences enable customers to build a personal connection with your company. Little things can make a huge difference, such as addressing customers by their name, showing a genuine interest in their circumstances, and making them feel valued. This personal connection is needed for customers to return again and again.

What your patrons have ultimately feel about you depends on the cumulative effect of their customer experiences with your brand. Will you leave them feeling “Wow!” or feeling “Meh”?

Tips by Ray Grimm Jr. to Become a Better Business Leader

No one is perfect and therefore one always need something or the other to improve their skill. Especially in the case of business, you cannot commit mistake it each time as this will become an opportunity for other to come ahead of you in the competition. Therefore, Ray Grimm Jr., try to come up with following tips to become a better business leader of all.

Ray Grimm Jr.

Business Leader

 Here are the following points that you could consider:

Effectively Listen

Undivided attention is an essential attitude for anybody in a cooperative workplace, yet especially so for pioneers. Drawing in with your adherents straightforwardly and demonstrating that you genuinely hear what they’re stating. Is one of the ideal approaches to assemble solid bonds and make yourself more available as a pioneer? Urge your workers to do likewise by keeping up an open shared condition for talks.

Offer Your Thanks

Set aside the opportunity to offer your thanks, to your workers and to your supporters. For instance, you could separately thank specialists for making an extraordinary showing with regards to and routinely thank web-based social networking adherents for their help. Regardless of how you offer that thanks or what you offer thanks for, the very demonstration of expression can improve you a pioneer.

Enable People to comprehend Their Strengths

Everyone has qualities and shortcomings, and in the event that you make a move to enable individuals to comprehend and build up their qualities, you’ll set up yourself as a superior Pioneer. According to Ray Grimm Jr., you see a specialist battling with one arrangement of errands, however, surpassing in another. Let him or she knows your perceptions, and endeavor to orchestrate the workload to an adjust idea to the individual’s qualities.

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Disentangle Something

Make a special effort to disentangle something in any event once every week. It can be a convoluted method, a tedious email, a chaotic office, or a hierarchical level of leadership. The demonstration of disentanglement is incredible for pioneers since it energizes better approaches for taking a gander at old issues. And sets a standard of nonstop change that can (and will) wind up plainly irresistible in your business or association.

Get Involved at the Ground Level

One of the best moves you can make as a pioneer is getting included on the ground floor. In case you’re a famous online networking identity, set aside the opportunity to have discussions with general clients. In case you’re the leader of an assembling organization, make a beeline for the plant floor and experience what your most reduced level representatives are doing on an everyday premise. It’s a system that legislators regularly use to interface with the “basic man,” yet it doesn’t need to be shallow.

Have a go at Something New

Consistency is a vital component of awesome administration since it sets a commonplace, unsurprising standard. Be that as it may, it’s additionally vital to attempt new things. Regardless of whether those new things are systems, workers, thoughts for items, or showcasing techniques, the component of freshness is the thing that drives your business forward. It demonstrates that you’re imaginative and willing to go out on a limb and that by itself will build the measure of regard your supporters have for you.

The above points provided by Ray Grimm Jr. will help you to become a better business leader. So with help of these, points, you could get adequate help and at the same time reduce your business risks.   

5 Cost Effective Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Brand

Ray Grimm Jr. – When marketing your brand, you may want to reduce your costs while getting the best results. This is important especially if your brand is new and you are trying to grow it. Actually, the goal is to get the highest return on your investment dollars. And this can be achieved through the implementation of effective strategies. Of course, the goal is to spend the least amount of money.

Ray Grimm Jr.

Marketing Strategy

Given below is a description of 5 cost effective strategies for marketing your new brand. Read on.


Having a blog is one of the most effective methods of getting a lot of visitors. Actually, the powerful algorithms of Google favor blogs and sites that are updated on a regular basis with high quality and relevant content.

Online companies

According to Ray Grimm Jr. use websites for marketing your company. Based on the type of business you own, you can choose from a number of websites to reach new customers via networking and search results. For instance, a Yelp profile may help you get a lot of potential customers. Aside from this, it will give you another great opportunity in order to spur on loyal customers or clients to post positive reviews about your products or services. As a result, your reputation will improve.

Mailing lists

Irrespective of the type of customers you get, you must put them on a regularly updated mailing list. This will help you build your contacts. Nowadays, email lists don’t have a good reputation. However, if they are used properly, they can prove a really useful tool. Actually, what you need to do is avoid sending your product emails to strangers. What you need to do is develop an email list of buyers that may have an interest in your products or services.

Ray Grimm Jr. –  How to Make Your Small Business Networking Profitable

Call to action

If you want to grow your business, you should find out how your target audience looks for your services or products. Once you have found this out, you should get the most out of your efforts with a strong but relevant call to action. Many sites make the mistake of not including a powerful call to action. So, what you need to do is include a call to action in each of your blog post or article.

Press releases

Through press releases, you can let the people know about the important updates. For instance, you can put together press releases in order to make announcement about new products, accolades or awards that you have received recently.

Here, it is important to keep in mind that you may need some time in order to develop press contacts to get the message across. You will have great results if you be patient and work on the press releases.

Long story short, these are 5 strategies shared by Ray Grimm Jr. that you can use in order to develop your business on a budget. What you need to do is try these strategies one by one and stick to the ones that get you the best results.

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5 Tips for Financing Your New Business

When you start a business the first thing that is very much necessary for growth of a business is financing. And, as your business is new so many of investor are not interested in helping because of market risk. So here are few tips provided by Ray Grimm Jr. that you can consider for getting finance for your new business:

ray grimm jr.


Given below are the following five tips for financing your new Business:

Begin the procedure ASAP

You wouldn’t stroll into your nearby bank, round out an application, and get endorsed for an advance on the spot. The endorsement procedure can take weeks, if not months to unfurl. That is the reason it’s best to begin the procedure when you can. Try not to hold up until you require the cash or you may wind up with your options run out.

Have an itemized anticipate utilizing the cash

When talking with a loan specialist, be clear about how the cash will be utilized. Giving some obscure or general reaction about developing your business wouldn’t work. The loan specialist will need to know precisely how the cash will be utilized as a part of the request to decide the possibility of your application. Each business is distinctive, however a couple of the most brilliant approaches to utilize a credit incorporate a stock buy, business extension.

Manage your financial record

According to Ray Grimm Jr., you must manage your all financial record. While you may fancy detachment between your business and individual accounts. Loan specialists will calculate your own record as a consumer while deciding your hazard level as a borrower. In case you’re stressed over this piece of the procedure, concentrate on some approaches to enhance your financial assessment.

Be composed and over-arranged

Association assumes a key part in regardless of whether you’ll be affirmed for an independent venture advance. In the event that the moneylender requests a particular snippet of data, you should be equipped for giving it in an auspicious way. A sloppiness demonstrates that you’re ill-equipped and dangerous. The best thing you can do is over-get ready early. 

Get advice from experts

It’s an important advice for you to get an expert advice and get in contact with them. As this is also observed by the various investors who are interested in making an investment. Thus keeping this in mind you can seek the attention of the various investor as well as provided a backbone to your new business.    

With the above points provided by Ray Grimm Jr. to have the advantage to get finance in a quick manner. This overall help you to start your project in expected time. Follow this to get a quick start for your business.  

How To Improve Your Customer Service Experience

Have you been looking for some steps that could help you to improve your customer service experience? Customer service will help you in maintaining goodwill with the customers for the company. Then this time you have the chance by Ray Grimm Jr. that could help you to improve your customer service experience.

Ray Grimm Jr.

customer service

So just by following points, you could seek some benefit in improving your customer service experience:

Empathy, patience, and consistency

A few clients will be furious. Others will be brimming with inquiries. What’s more, others will simply be loquacious. You should know how to deal with every one of them and give a similar level of administration without fail.


Each client is distinctive, and some may even appear to change week-to-week. You ought to have the capacity to deal with shocks, sense the client’s state of mind and adjust appropriately. This likewise incorporates an eagerness to learn– giving great client administration is a persistent learning process.

 Work ethic

Clients welcome a rep who will see their issue through to its determination. In the meantime, you should have great time administration abilities and not invest excessively energy taking care of one client while others are holding up. Remain concentrated on your objectives to accomplish the correct adjust.

Clear communication

Ensure that you pass on to clients precisely of what you mean – stated by Ray Grimm Jr. You don’t need your client to believe he’s getting half off when he’s really getting half more item. Utilize genuinely positive dialect, remain happy regardless of what and never end a discussion without affirming the client is fulfilled.

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Eventually, your clients depend on you for their insight into your item. Remain sufficiently educated to react to most request and know where to turn if the inquiries turn out to be excessively pointed by a point or specialized for you, making it impossible to reply. Be that as it may, don’t be reluctant to state “I don’t have the foggiest idea” either. Clients will value the trustworthiness and your endeavors to locate the correct answer.

Thick skin

The client’s constantly right… isn’t that so? The capacity to swallow one’s pride and acknowledge fault or negative input is urgent. Regardless of whether your group works specifically with clients or searching for input via web-based networking media, they must remember the client’s satisfaction.

These are the accompanying five focuses that you could actualize well ordered to enhance your client benefit encounter given by Ray Grimm Jr.

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Top Ideas to Find Investors For Your Startup

For those who have a solid business plan, you may want to look for potential buyers. While this is a difficult step, you may want to stay ready. It’s suggested that you should talk to hundreds of potential investors before choosing the right one for a new business.

Ray Grimm Jr. Finding Investor for your business

Below are a few good ways shared by the veteran entrepreneur Ray Grimm Jr. to determine the best investors for your new startup.

Start-up Launch Platforms

You can contact companies that provide research, information and assistance to new business owners. They help you start your business and look for the right shareholders. These companies have large numbers of members all over the world. So, you can get in touch with a good company that offers these services.

Angel Networks

Another way is to look for angel investors. They are going to offer funds in conjunction with provide advice, mentorship and access to valuable connections. Actually, this is all what you need to get your business started and then run it with great success. Make sure you do try away angel networks. These organizations have a set of a great deal of angel investors who help new businesses with their money.

Crowdfunding Sites

Just like other sources, crowdfunding sites give you access to many types of good shareholders. They include common people who want to be part of another big thing as well as philanthropists who want to help others with their dreams. As per Ray Grimm Jr., crowdfunding sites may include accredited investors looking for fresh ideas for investment.

Actually, each site has different focus for incentivizing investors. Consequently, we suggest that you review each site to choose the one which aligns with the powerful strategic goals you have set.

Incubators And Accelerators

Since your new business is similar to a baby, you need to work with a good accelerator or incubator. This way you can find the buyer resources to increase your business. These investors perform a major role and help you turn your ideas into a company.

At times, some incubators and accelerators provide physical space so you can establish your workplace. Since other start-ups will share the same physical space, you can share ideas growing your businesses together. Start-up accelerators like Ycombinator and TechStars provide advice and many other services to shareholders like you.

Small Organization Administration

You can even contact the Small Business Administration for funding. The organization has been offering solid programs for the stimulation of the economy. Basically, they give loans and grants to small start-ups.

Social Network Sites

According to Ray Grimm many social networking websites can help you contact different types of shareholders. These websites help you to contact investors around the globe. Moreover, they promote your services or products in other countries of the world as well. Some good labels in this field include Meetup, Cofoundr, Startup Country and EFactor, just to name a few.

Exclusive Equity Firms

If your start-up has great potential to advance to a large business, private equity companies can help you. They will provides you with hundreds of thousands of dollars so you can grow your business. You can check them out as well.

For that reason, try out these capital sources to grow your new business.